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Our residents’ health, personal and social care needs are very important to us and we have the following published protocol:

General Information

Each resident has a personal profile sheet completed with their name, date of birth, where they were admitted from, diagnosis, next of kin with addresses and contact telephone numbers, G.P. and a summary of their individual daily routine.

Resuscitation and after death arrangements are completed on a separate form with the relatives and Resident, as soon after admission to the Home as is practical to do so.

Assessment Details

An assessment is carried out prior to admission, which includes diet, sensory information, sight, hearing, any foot care requirements, mobility, history of falls, oral health, medication, continence, tissue viability, mental ability, social interests, religious or cultural needs, and involvement of family and friends.

Risk Assessment

All our residents are assessed for mobility and moving and handling.  Special risks applicable to an individual are listed in their individual care plan folder.  A risk assessment on pressure areas is carried out as is the nutritional status for the resident.  An appropriate care plan is then devised.

Risk assessments on the building are in place with restrictors on windows, hot water temperature is checked weekly and radiators are covered to ensure safety from burns. Fire alarms and emergency lighting are checked weekly. Legionella checks are made regularly and water samples tested.  Maintenance contracts are in place for all equipment.


The Manager devises an individual care plan, initially after the first assessment, for each element of care, which is reviewed monthly.  These care plans set out in detail the actions that need to be taken by care staff to ensure that all aspects of the health and personal and social needs of the resident are met.

Residents’ social, cultural, and spiritual needs are discussed with the Registered Manager who devises care plans to meet those needs.


The effectiveness of the residents’ care plans are assessed and reviewed monthly and any changes are discussed with the residents and their relatives.  The resident’s views are regularly solicited through discussions and general conversation to determine if there are any needs that are not being met, whether medical, social or cultural.

If you would like to discuss anything regarding care at St Margaret’s Nursing Home, please contact us directly.


Nursing Care
If you would like to discuss anything regarding care at The Laurels, please contact us.